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Benefits of Insulation

The largest benefit of home insulation is the increased heat retention ability, keeping your house warmer for longer. However, there a numerous reasons you should consider investing in home insulation.

Cheaper Energy Bills

A poorly insulated home will always require more energy to keep it warm. The majority of warm air will escape through the walls, attic and roof. Effective insulation will reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat your property. The less energy used, the cheaper you heating bills will be.

Increase Property Value

Effective insulation will drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home. Homes with high energy efficiency ratings receive a much higher value than homes with a lower energy rating. Even if you are not currently planning on selling your home, insulation should be considered for the possibility of a future sale.

Environmentally Friendly

Investing in home insulation is an easy, and effective, way to reduce your carbon footprint. When fossil fuels are burned they produce pollutant emissions. As your home becomes more energy efficient you will ultimately produce fewer emissions.

Prevent Damp

The protective layers of the insulation remove cold bridges and move the dew point of your external walls further away from the internal strictures. This reduces the risk of condensation and damp forming preventing the growth of mould.

Improve Appearance

There are a variety of renders and decorative finishes available with external insulation. This mean that you can improve, upgrade or completely update the external appearance and aesthetic of your property walls and the overall look of your home.


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