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External Wall Insulation 

Greenland Eco Construction Ltd provides both retro fit and new build external wall insulation for domestic and commercial clients throughout Kildare, Dublin and Meath. External insulation is the most effective method of insulating your home.


On average, Irish homes lose up to 30% of heat through poorly insulated walls. By installing effective insulation you can reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep your home warm. Reducing your energy output will not only reduce the number of emissions your home produces but will also result in up 30% reduction on your heating bills. External wall insulation works by effectively wrapping a thermal layer around your home. The insulation is attached to the outside walls of your property and covered with several protective layers. You then have a choice of renders and decorative finishes so your home will not only be warmer but will look better.


Installing external wall insulation on your home will improve your Building Energy Rating (BER). There are SEAI grants available to help with the cost of external insulation. However, external insulation should be viewed as a long-term investment, one which will see your energy bills reduce significantly and make your home a much warmer, more comfortable place to live.

How does the external insulation work?

Once the external layers are applied, the structural wall is kept warm and dry, increasing thermal performance.

The removal of cold bridges reduces the risk of condensation, damp and mould forming inside your home.

The heat retention capability of the existing structural wall is improved and fully utilised.

The process allows for fast installation and is also non- intrusive so you can continue to live at home during the installation.

External insulation eliminates cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction, even in mixed blockwork.


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Want a quote for external wall insulation projects? Greenland Eco Construction Ltd guarantees highly competitive prices and is SEAI Registered. If approved for a home improvement and insulation grant you could save up to €6,000 euro on the cost of your house insulation projects.

Simply let us know what type of house you have and a rough size estimate and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will also answer any questions you have about the cost or the different grants available.

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