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SEAI Grants

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers homeowners a number of grants to contribute to the cost of upgrading your homes insulation system. The SEAI has different grants aimed towards the different insulation systems.


Whether you are interested in attic, internal or external insulation, the values differ. If you complete multiple upgrades in one project you can receive greater funding. The SEAI grants range from €400 to €6,000 depending on the type of house you live in and the insulation project you wish to undertake. The money received in the SEAI Grant goes directly towards to cost of the application and installation.


For more information on the types of grants available, their value, eligibility and how to apply, visit the SEAI Website.


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SEAI insulation grants FAQ

What is an SEAI insulation grant?

The SEAI insulation grant is a grant offered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to help cover the cost of insulation for homes in Ireland.

How much does an SEAI grant cover?

This depends on the type of grant the homeowner is applying for. The SEAI grant is divided into three categories. These Categories are:


- Free Energy upgrade

100% of the costs of the upgrade are covered

- Individual Energy Upgrade Grants:

Up to 80% of the home energy upgrade is funded

- One-Stop-Shop Service

Up to 50% of the cost will be covered


To discuss which grant category your home falls into, please contact us today.

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