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BER Certs

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate indicates your properties energy performance. Similar to the energy label for household appliance, buildings are rated on a scale of A-G. A rated homes are the most energy efficient and will have the lowest energy bills. At the other end of the scale, G rated homes have very poor levels of energy efficiency and will have costly monthly bills.


Your BER is calculated on a number of criteria including energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation and lighting. It will highlight the areas where your home is performing well and the areas that may require improvement.


BER Assessments

Getting a BER Assessment and receiving a Cert is a great way to discover how you can reduce energy costs. The assessment will highlight exactly where your home is losing energy. Each Assessment and Cert comes with an advisory report.


The majority of recommendations we see are for home insulation to improve the heat retention capabilities of your home. On average, we lose up to 30% of our homes heat through poorly insulated walls. Effective insulation will not only increase your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and give you’re a higher BER Rating, but will make your home a more comfortable place to live.


For More Information on The BER certificate and how you can improve your home’s energy rating you can get in touch with Greenland Eco Construction Ltd, or visit the BER Website.


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