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External vs Internal Insulation

If you are considering an investment in home insulation then you are probably aware that you can opt for external wall insulation or internal wall insulation.

At Greenland Eco Construction Ltd, we firmly believe that external insulation is by far the better option for Irish homes.

External Insulation

External insulation is applied directly to the external wall structure using bonding membranes and mechanical supports. The insulation is then supported with weatherproof materials before being covered by a decorative render. 


There are many reasons why we believe that external insulation is the superior product.

Increases the weatherproof ability of your walls

No inconvenience to occupants during the installation

Prevents condensation and protects against damp

Increases your airtightness and reduces draughts

Any gaps or cracks in the wall are covered

Lowers the U-Value of the wall, increasing heat retention abilities

Detailing around doors and windows is easily managed

Insulation can be applied up to 300mm thick

Easy to manage and work around satellite dishes, gutters and other external structures

Improves the appearance of the walls

Reduces the levels of street noise in your home

Internal Insulation

Internal insulation is applied to the internal structure of external walls. While internal insulation is generally cheaper to install and does increase the heat retention ability of your walls, it will not keep your home as warm for as long when compared to external insulation systems.


There a number of main issues with internal insulations that need to be considered.

Limited to the amount of insulation that can be applied

Disruptive to homeowners and occupants

Does not increase airtightness so heat can still escape

Difficult to move electrical sockets and light switches

Problems navigating around skirting boards, door frames, panelling and other internal structures.

Thermal bridging becomes an issue and extra insulation will be required for internal walls that meet with the external walls

Difficult to apply in bathrooms and kitchens

Inserting a nail into the wall will damage the insulation so special fixtures are required to hang photos or shelves


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Want a quote for external wall insulation projects? Greenland Eco Construction Ltd guarantees highly competitive prices and is SEAI Registered. If approved for a home improvement and insulation grant you could save up to €6,000 euro on the cost of your house insulation projects.

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