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The Insulation Process

External wall insulation is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to improve the warmth, comfort and energy efficiency of their property.

External insulation works by reducing the U-Value of your property’s walls. The U-Value is the rate at which heat can flow through a wall. The lower the U-Value, the higher the heat retention abilities of your home.


The application process can be broken down into three main stages.

  • The insulation is applied directly to the wall’s external surface. This insulation is fixed in place with both adhesive and mechanical structures.

  • A protective layer of mesh and a bonding agent is used to weather proof and add strength to the system.

  • The process is finished off with a decorative render and finish available in wide range of colours and textures. You can choose a finish that matches the current appearance of your home, or choose a new aesthetic.

Many of our clients worry that the installation process will be disruptive or noisy for residents, but for the majority of the external wall insulation process there will be minimal disruption to residents indoors. External insulation application is a non-intrusive procedure. We will not need to access the inside of your property so you and your family will not have to move out for the duration of the installation.

Our highly skilled and expert team always take the best care and attention when carrying out the installation works on your property. We pride ourselves on providing customer service alongside high quality workmanship.


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